Reliable Laser Machines With Long Service Life


Crest Corporation is proud to be the sole distributor of Trotec Laser Systems in Pakistan. The objective is to achieve excellence, bring innovation in our work, and develop a satisfying and enjoyable experience for the customers connected with us in business, especially the Laser machine industry. Trotec sets new standards, serves customers in more than 90 countries including Pakistan.

Trotec was formed in 1997 from a research branch of Trodat and has since then become a world leader in the field of laser technology. In 1997, when Trotec GmbH was incorporated in Austria, the group was quick to realize the potential of laser systems in Pakistan, thus becoming the official & exclusive agents for Trotec GmbH. From that day onwards, we have not only gained the trust of our valued customers, but as well have deep knowledge and expertise in this business. As part of the Trodat-Trotec Group, Trotec develops, manufactures and markets laser systems for marking, cutting and engraving, as well as engraving materials and other relevant laser equipment.


Trotec’s innovative designs and products are constantly setting new standards thus making our customers successful. Leading the way in innovation and quality along with uncompromising customer focus are important success factors. Constant customer contact and technological monitoring are the driving forces behind our product development process.


We set new standards. By continuously developing our products and using advanced technologies, Trotec is a leading manufacturer of laser cutting, marking and engraving devices worldwide. Trotec laser machines are known for their rugged design and long service life. We achieve this reliability by subjecting our lasers to rigorous quality testing that each machine must pass before being delivered to the customer.


Whoever thinks in terms of solutions has a well-defined strategy. Listen. Understand. Resolve. This philosophy defines our product development process, distribution, technical customer service and our application laboratory. In addition to our advanced, high-performance lasers we offer something very important: a solution tailor-made to meet your requirements.


Buying a Trotec laser system guarantees an increase in productivity of up to 90%— and at a fair price. Trotec laser systems stand for reliable engraving, productive marking and efficient cutting with high speed and the best quality.

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